Labor Day Cruise-In Is On! Destination: China Camp!

China Camp is a great place to anchor out with lots of history and great places to explore, both

on foot and by dinghy.  Sail in Saturday August 31 at anytime. If you have a dinghy please bring

it to help taxi those without to the festivities. We will be BBQing in the evening at the hut on the

beach. Coals will be lit at 4:30-5. Please bring something for the grill and a side to share. If you

play an instrument, bring that as well for a totally planned impromptu jam.

Sequestor will host a “brunch barge” Sunday morning with quiche Loraine and a Bloody Mary

bar. Please feel free to raft up and add to this feast with pastries, bagels, mimosa fixings...

Alternatively the Quan Bros. Snack Shop is open on the weekends from 9-5 and offers a

selection of picnic type food, drinks and ice cream.

If you are coming by land please take the time to look at the China Camp Beach website. The

park is open from 8am-sunset. Campsites are available just down the road at Back Meadow

Ranch. Reservations are a must, and can be done at

We hope to see you all there. Let us adorn China Camp Beach with all of our wooden glory!

Bill Conneely