26th Annual MMBA Wooden Boat Show Awards

Thanks to Latitude 38, we have some really nice coverage of the 26th Annual MMBA Wooden Boat Show. Check it out here on ‘Lectronic Latitude’.

Many thanks to the 2019 judges: Christine Martinelli, Milly Biller and Billy Martinelli.

The 2019 Wooden Boat Show Awards went to:

Alma/Al Lutz Perpetual Trophy

          Awarded to the yacht showing the most improvement in the past year 

          Donated by National Park Service

          2019:  Catnip, Dan and Sue Spradling

Corinthian Cup

          Awarded to the best owner maintained vessel

          Donated by the Corinthian Yacht Club

          2019:  Gold Star, Jim Cullen

Stone Cup

          Awarded to the best restoration (often with professional maintenance)

          Donated by Bill and Grace Bodle, who owned the Stone Boat Yard at the time of the donation

          2019:  Tre, Elise Brewster

People's Choice

          Awarded to the best in show as voted by attendees. There were 115 votes cast at this year’s show!

          2019:  Water Witch, John and Gena Egelston

Bill Conneely